our story

Once upon a time….

I’ve always looked through rose tinted 60’s glasses at the world wondering if I could bring smiles of fun to my life. Having been into VW’s for years & having owned a delightful camper called ‘Matilda’ I embarked on a truly unique soul searching adventure.

I found a 1966 split screen high top in Hungary, I was immediately enchanted…..I was under her spell…. The thoughts of how to get her from Hungary never crossed my mind, oh such fun…. Could I possibly combine two of my passions vintage VW’s & delicious ice cream.

The dream became a reality for me in August 2011 when the talented Mr Polly’s Parlour first sketched our fabulous logo. Many sleepless nights later I kept wondering ‘do people really follow their dreams’ was I mad….I was about to find out …I paid my deposit & held my breath…………………………………………………

Istvan was good to his word, my VW was loaded onto a trailer & a transit van pulled her through Europe to my doorstep. Can you believe they drove all night & never slept a wink.

……moments I will savour forever…….

I live in a vintage inspired daydream & wanted my little van now called ‘Florence’ to carry with her all the flavour & style of a bygone era….pure sweet nostalgia. I love candy stripes & decided on a ‘Neapolitan’ colour scheme….dusty pink & light brown candy stripes at the bottom & a light cream on top yummy! I love draping her in bunting setting out a marvellous vintage table & chairs creating a real centre piece.

I’m fussy about food. I love organic & natural foods so I handpick my suppliers enabling me to deliver a taste sensation with real passion…..whatever the occasion…..Weddings, festivals, birthdays, corporate events, fetes & fairs or simply as a promotional vehicle.

‘Florence’ can’t answer the phone so please contact me ~ Polly via the contact page to discuss any plans you might have…so you can enjoy ‘Florence’ just as much as I do.

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