old hi top

Between 1962 ~1967 the Swiss postal service bought 350 VW high tops, ‘Florence’ was one of these, her number was P18647.

‘Florence’ was used daily in Berne from 1966 ~1977 before being sold to a private Swiss
buyer who used her for camping. ‘Florence’ moved to Hungary in 1992 and was used as a camper and a ‘rock band’ van. It is in Budapest where our story begins…. The poor condition of ‘Florence’ was expected and a full restoration programme was undertaken. We were very conscious of keeping ‘Florence’ as original as possible, great care and attention was taken when restoring original parts.

Polly's Parlour Vintage Ice Cream Van Hire sign writing The design for ‘Florence’ is simple but elegant….a cream base with a candy striped bottom which echos her iconic lines. We managed to find two original VW colours…..but the pink was special. The vintage hand painted sign cleverly evokes a nostalgic feel.Polly's Parlour Vintage Ice Cream Van Hire C&C

Inside ‘Florence’ there are bespoke holdover freezers that require no running engines, generators or electricity during the day……..peace and quiet for you to enjoy our delicious Ice creams.






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