Say Hello to “Matilda”

Not content with stepping into some big shoes back in 2019, we only took the plunge and rescued “Matilda” from a barn in Cheshire.

Matilda Pollys Parlour

“Matilda” is also a 1966 VW High Top, Split Screen van, originally destined for Switzerland as a commercial van, but diverted to Belgium and modified into a high top waffle van back in the late 60’s. Matilda Logo Pollys Parlour


Role on to the 90’s and she headed over the water to Scotland and a transformation into an American hot dog van, with stars & stripes, before heading south of the boarder.

A re spray, re vamp and new engine later “Matilda” is looking as resplendent as ever, and makes a fabulous addition to the fleet!

Polly's Parlour "Matilda" Scoop

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