Vintage Ice Cream Van . The wheels on our Bus go round and round ♡

barnFirstly I have to say sorry…… it has been 5 whole months since my last scribble! There are no excuses. As you can all probably guess we have been super busy with Florence over the last few months. The winter seemed so long & our 1st outing was supposed to be Volksworld a great VW show in London at the end of March but……we never made it! too much snow…… there is always next year.


We have been involved in some wonderful local events from the National Bee Keepers Association day at Harper Adams University ~ Inaugural Shrewsbury Food Festival to a teddy bears picnic at a local school……Not forgetting our local charity events.


We have also been fortunate enough to
be involved with some great festivals one of our most momentous so far was the ‘Tall Ships’ at Gloucester Quays…….tens of thousands of people visited the Quay to see the most beautiful ships in all their glory…..Many people enjoyed our ice~creams too……Most took a photo of Florence at the same time! …..lovely to know she is still loved. She made the 90 mile drive without skipping a beat…..One thing I know for sure is I will never trailer her anywhere……if it takes me 3 hrs to drive than so be it….there is nothing quite like being in Florence & having that driving experience….Such a warm & fuzzy feeling……..


When we have been out & about we have met such an eclectic mix of people all enjoying our delights. I feel very privileged to be involved with such personal events from birthdays to weddings & having that feeling we are adding just a little extra sprinkle of smiles to their day………I can honestly say I had no idea we would meet such a variety of wonderful local & not so local people……I now talk even more than I used to, I didn’t know that was possible! ~  to Mr Polly’s Parlours delight!

We have our very 1st VW show next weekend……so I hope we have a kind reception from the VW fraternity….Hopefully Florence will win them over with her good looks! & YUMMY ice~cream…..We have a lot of weddings coming up…..I will post some photos soon…..



Hope everyone has a wonderful few months in the sunshine… lot’s of ice~cream…….Bye for now

Polly & Florence…♡♡♡

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