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Between 1962 ~1967 the Swiss postal service bought 350 VW high tops, ‘Florence’ was one of these, her number was P18647 ~ built in 1966

‘Florence’ was used daily in Berne from 1966 ~1977 before being sold to a private Swiss buyer ~ moved to Hungary in 1992 used as a camper & a ‘rock band’ van. It is in Budapest where our story begins. The poor condition of ‘Florence’ was expected ~ a full restoration programme was undertaken. We were very conscious of keeping her as original as possible, great care & attention was taken when restoring original parts.

The design for ‘Florence’ is simple but elegant ~ a cream base with a candy striped bottom which echos her iconic lines. We managed to find Polly's Parlour Vintage Ice Cream Van Hire sign writingtwo original VW colours, but the pink was special. The vintage hand painted sign cleverly evokes a nostalgic feel.

Inside ‘Florence’ there are bespoke holdover freezers that require no running engines, generators or electricity during the day ~ peace & quiet for you to enjoy our delicious ice creams & lollies

 Our vintage ice cream van is very mobile ~ She visits fantastic people at fabulous shows, fairs, fetes, birthday parties, corporate events, festivals & is very popular at weddings.

‘Florence’ is a vintage ice cream van that makes people happy & smile wherever she goes, it’s not hard to see why. She makes me smile all the time, I especially love it when people  frantically wave at me whilst I’m driving. ‘Florence’ immediately & subtly spellbinds you, her light brown & pink candy Pollys vintage ice cream parlour weddingstripes with her hand painted signs are a feast for the eyes.

When you hire ‘Florence’ you are not just hiring an incredible hand scooped luxury vintage ice cream van, you also get a piece of classic iconic history ~ something that you will not see again ~ a moment in time for you to savour forever. I have fond memories of vintage ice cream vans, the excitement of running to get an ice cream just before they pull off ~ but now there is no need to run….Polly’s Parlour will be ready & waiting ~ you can have as many ice creams as you like ~ all your wishes have come true!

Vintage Ice Cream Wedding Hire Polly's Parlour

Polly’s Parlour can give you that sense of nostalgia with a twist………but only if you hire ‘Florence’.

‘Florence’ is a unique iconic VW split screen high top & is extremely photogenic.

Vintage Ice Cream Van Wedding Hire

pollys parlour vintage ice cream van hire weddings

You could use her as a prop for a vintage wedding shoot, old fashioned sea side shoot, retro magazine cover ~ or anything else you can think of. Our special VW ‘Florence’ could be commissioned to use in film, documentary or adverts. I am really approachable & even if you think your ideas are unusual, please feel free to contact Polly’s Parlour.

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