Vintage Ice Cream Van Reflections…..

Hello all……I feel very naughty ~ I have just realised I have not written a post since July last year!.

I also feel this blog has become my ‘Dear Diary’ as I have so many emotions about what both ‘Mr Polly’s Parlour’ & I have achieved over the last 6 months.
I just don’t know where to begin ~ if you guys had told me how my life has changed over 2013 I simply wouldn’t have believed you.
On a personal note there have been moments that have been so surreal like serving ‘Sophie Ellis~Bextor’ & ‘Emma Stone’ strawberry ice~creams to meeting James & james
On a professional level being invited to ‘Claridges’ afternoon tea party & having ‘Florence’ on the cover of not one but two magazines.

flooooooNot to mention the snippets every week of ‘Florence’ on ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’. (still pinching myself about that one!)gcas

I have simply loved the diversity of ‘Florence’s’ adventures & the people we have met.There have been new relationships forged.We have been to many food festivals & events…….surrounded by very talented artisans whom 12 months ago we would have never known.

‘The Sausage King’ once described us as ‘Alchemist’s’ combining many elements & producing something spectacular……..what a truly wonderful comment!
ashes wedI have loved the combination of events & weddings……I really relax & soak up the atmosphere of a wedding, I feel very proud to be invited ~ everyone is always pleased to see ‘Florence’ especially whats on board.

pimhilThe events however, are a whole different ball game, they are very demanding ~ something I wasn’t prepared for ~
‘How hard can it be to serve ice~cream’ I once said ~ WOW was I wrong, I can’t believe how many people love ice~cream!
icecream c&c shootFlorence, Mr Polly’s Parlour & I have had a few rough patches along the way too ~ She had a bump in September. I was so saddened to see her this way, but she wasn’t down for long & made us appreciate how integral ‘Florence’ is to our little business.bump -(
Before I started this journey I used no social media…..the thought of Facebook & twitter just haunted me! I just couldn’t understand how it would enhance our profile.
P1070991Now it is a key part of ‘Polly’s Parlour’… times change.
Throughout 2013 I have felt overwhelmed by the support on social media…..I don’t quite feel the duck out of water anymore. So here’s to 2014. May you all be healthy & happy. Remember life is too short so try & enjoy every minute.
Bye for now
Polly & Florence……♡



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