the story so far…..

Polly always looked through rose tinted 60’s glasses at the world wondering if she could bring smiles of fun to her life. Having been into VW’s for years she embarked on a truly unique soul searching adventure.

Finding a 1966 split screen high top in Hungary, Polly was immediately enchanted…..under her spell…. The thoughts of how to get her from Hungary never crossed her mind, oh such fun…. Could she combine two passions vintage VW’s & delicious ice cream.

The dream became a reality in August 2011 when the talented Mr Polly’s Parlour first sketched our fabulous logo. Many sleepless nights later …

she paid a deposit & held her breath………… and Istvan (the owner) was good to his word, loading the van onto a trailer & pulled her through Europe to Polly’s doorstep.……moments to be savour forever…….


Having spent 8 amazing years in the lime light at weddings, festivals and supporting many corporate events in ‘Florence’ through the summers, and touring in their camper in the winters, Polly & Mark made the decision to travel more in their stunning camper ~ year round.

So in 2019 the hunt was on to find “the right people” to take on such a well know iconic van and business. In a strange way, Polly and Mark already knew who they wanted to care for their beloved ‘Florence’ and Polly’s Parlour, a like minded couple they sold ice creams to at their first ever event, the local Audlem car festival in 2012.

My first ice cream Polly's Parlour

Sally & Mark where just about to embark on their own journey in a classic Citroen van, and they would see them at many shows over the intervening years, becoming “festival buddies” swapping great ice cream for great coffee!





In 2016 ‘Florence’ made its first visit to its now new home when it came to Sally’s Birthday Party (a big one!), and the friendships strengthened. Mark (Polly’s Mark!) popped in for a brew late in 2019 and told us their plans………for our futures!


We, like Polly & Mark where enchanted by ‘Florence’ the first time we saw her in Audlem,

we still are, and we’re looking forward to our ‘Life in Florence’, as well as our second van ‘Matilda’ and continuing the Polly’s Parlour story

Sally & Mark ~ The new Polly & Mark ~!

‘Florence’ & ‘Matilda’ can’t answer the phone so please contact me ~ Polly via the contact page to discuss any plans you might have…so you can enjoy ‘Florence’ & ‘Matilda’ just as much as we do.

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