Vintage VW Wedding Hire

scribblings about life with our VW ice cream vans & VW wedding hire vans…

Polly's Parlour Matilda engine bay @ The VW Engine Company

Power to the people….well Matilda!

It became obvious in 2020 that ~Matilda~ was down on power on a trip through the rather hilly Peak District between lock-downs. The answer was to get a... read more

Florence & Matilda with a big tree

Finally out in a field!

Well 2020 is not turning out as we all thought, however here we are at Weston Park with both “Florence” & “Matilda”

Matilda Pollys Parlour

Say Hello to “Matilda”

Not content with stepping into some big shoes back in 2019, we only took the plunge and rescued “Matilda” from a barn in Cheshire. “Matilda” is also a... read more

Polly & Mark off on another adventure in Florence

2020 and Beyond…

Having spent 8 amazing years in the lime light in ‘Florence’ through the summers, and touring in their camper in the winters, the original Polly & Mark made... read more

Pollys Ice Cream Parlour VW Splitty

Take a chance….

In 2011 Mark & I gave up our 9 to 5 ~ sold our house in suburbia & ventured into the unknown. The only thing we knew for... read more

Wow what a 2017!

As I sit looking out at a beautiful crisp cold morning with a hot cup of tea reflecting on our year, I can’t believe we started scooping ice... read more

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