scribblings about life with our VW ice cream vans & VW wedding hire vans…

VW Ice Cream Van Hire

Vintage Ice Cream Van . The wheels on our Bus go round and round ♡

Firstly I have to say sorry…… it has been 5 whole months since my last scribble! There are no excuses. As you can all probably guess we have been... read more

Vintage Ice Cream Van. Florence’s 1st winter…roll on the spring ♡

Well it’s been three and a half months since our last outing in ‘Florence’…..she has been safely tucked away for the winter, staying clean and dry. I thought... read more

Vintage Ice Cream Van. The end of a wonderful year ♡

Towards the end of the year we were invited to several weddings at beautiful locations…….the bunting was hung……the ice cream scooped and the cameras were snapping away…..!  ... read more

Vintage Ice Cream Van. On the road again, festivals and fun ♡

Back in January when ‘Florence’ was in mid-restoration we were invited to the Ludlow Food festival which takes place in September……..We knew it was going to be the high... read more

"Florence" Audlem show 2012

Vintage Ice Cream Van. Florence is out and about at last ♡

Its been a long while coming……but finally ‘Florence’ is out and about attending weddings and events all over country. Our first event was in Audlem….at the Classic Car... read more

Vintage Ice Cream Van. Riding the roller-coaster ♡

Its easy to see why some people take the easy way out……cut a few corners……If you can’t see it then don’t worry……the problem with me is that I... read more

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