Take a chance….

In 2011 Mark & I gave up our 9 to 5 ~ sold our house in suburbia & ventured into the unknown.

The only thing we knew for certain was our love of VW’s & the passion for a new adventure.

We bought Florence. We didn’t know at the time she was going to be an ice cream van but we knew we wanted a new challenge & time off together to spend travelling. An ice cream van was the perfect combination. 

We bought a derelict house in rural Shropshire & spent 5 years living in a caravan in the garden, so far removed from our life in Cheshire.

Over the next year we planned our new adventure, We knew nothing about ice cream only that we both loved it! We sorted out a new website ~ chose our Neapolitan ice cream colours for Florence, restored our beautiful VW & learnt about ice cream. Financially we put everything we had into our new adventure. Some may say we were fool hardy but I knew with our passion & determination we could make it work.

Florence was ready go in the Summer of 2012, We were finally out there scooping ice cream, something we had been thinking about constantly for the past 12 months. Our first few outings were quite stressful getting the temperatures just right for the ice cream & that perfect scoop!

We are so proud & privileged so many people have trusted us with arguably their most important day, their wedding day of course. We have to get the ice cream & their wishes just right!

Social media is something neither of us had embarked on before 2012, wow! this was a little bit of a minefield! But great for us locally! We began to do more & more events in & around Shrewsbury. As the years past the weddings became more & more. We were lucky enough to pick & choose most of our events. We ended up on local radio on more than one occasion, in the odd magazine with even a few TV appearances! This is far more than we ever anticipated.

Fast forward to 2019 ~ We are still here! I can not tell you how our lives have changed & how many amazing people we have met along the way. People whose paths we would never had crossed. We have established ourselves within our community & work at some amazing events. With a great loyal following of ice cream lovers!

We took a chance in 2011 not knowing if we would succeed. We stepped out of our comfort zone. Change for us was hard work with it’s ups & downs but also so positive & rewarding. 

We hear so many people when we are out & about saying ‘ I could do this’ so go & do! Take that chance because you never know where the new path will lead.



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