Vintage Ice Cream Van. On the the move with ‘Florence’ ♡

There she sat in the driveway looking very sorry for herself……a  little battered……a little bruised. Our lives packed up in a suitcase by our feet…..on the verge of moving home….but we knew for sure ‘Florence’ was going to be a big part of our future.

We ventured out like a couple of stormtroopers with dust masks, goggles and gloves……what a sight for the neighbours……It was ‘Florence’s’ bath time! ohhh how she started to shine….♡

 We found 45 years of history…..original parts…..even a back parcel shelf from her old postal days when she delivered parcels in Berne, Switzerland between 1966~1977. The floor is sooo uneven from all those heavy parcels……but we love it and plan to keep it.

‘Florence’ has definitely been loved….♡ as we found some wonderful stickers…..all those campsites…..If only you could peel back each sticker and peer back through time!

We had a matter of a few weeks to find ‘Florence’ a new home… we were on the move to a derelict chapel with no drive or running water for that matter!!……a good friend came to the rescue and ‘Florence’ had a new home for the winter….snug as a bug.

 Now Florence had a new home, I could focus on my dreams of creating ‘Polly’s Parlour’ my very own vintage ice cream van…..I was  in a world of pure indulgence. It’s not often in life when you can let your imagination run wild…..and get away with it!

We had given up everything to follow our passion of VW’s and create a simpler way of life for ourselves and I was going to enjoy every minute…..♡


Florence sat patiently waiting whilst I decided on the perfect colour scheme that would compliment Florence and of course…

Polly’s Parlour.


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