Our life on the road in 2016 with Florence our vintage ice-cream van

Well here’s to the end of our 2016 season & what a season it has been!

It started really early as Easter was mid March ~ so it has felt like a long beautiful summer……

ice-cream-van-hire-event-hire-ice-cream-van-vintage-ice-cream-van-pollys-parlour volksworld-show-ice-cream-van-hire-wedding-hire-vintage-ice-cream-van-pollys-parlour-pollys-vintage-ice-cream-parlour

I honestly did not think our season could get any more interesting or enjoyable than last year ~ but it has! We have been busier than ever with 2016 seeing our 1st visit to the Volksworld Show! we were invited to serve free ice creams to those who bought a magazine subscription. Wow we served some ice cream! The honour was all ours as Florence sat inside on the Volksworld stand as proud as punch! We drove the 5 hours to get to Sandown Racecourse & she didn’t miss a beat. Florence is running better & better as the years have gone by, at this point i have to mention Mark the bearded man behind the scenes ~ making sure Florence runs smoothy every single day!

It was wonderful to work & catch up with George Clarke again this year in Doncaster we had a great few days talking about our amazing space…..


We’ve had an abundance of weddings this year, more than ever at so many lovely venues, each & everyone still makes us smile.

As you probably know by now we love what we do! part of that is driving around in our 1966 VW but also a huge part is meeting so many great people. I love the fact we mix it up
weddings ~ corporate work & events ~ no two are the same. We see a few familiar faces every year, we have met some wonderful events teams & our relationships have developed over the years. This is combined with lot’s & lot’s of new faces ~ whether it be at weddings or the the 1000’s of fabulous people who buy an ice cream from us at the events we attend.


pollys-vintage-ice-cream-parlour-wedding-hire-ice-cream-van-hire-wedding-inspirationIt really overwhelms both Mark & I how people seek us out at events, having sampled our ice creams before ~ we have so many loyal customers who have supported us over the years ~ we have built up many new relationships something we could never have anticipated when we first began.

Time after time & year after year we get asked so many similar questions like
‘How much is Florence worth?’ & ‘why do we not expand & do another Florence?‘ You could make so much more money!

The answer to these questions is: we are really really happy doing what we do together. How much Florence is worth really does not enter our minds, she means so much to us & can’t even think about parting with her ~ we never will. Mark & I changed our lives to do ‘Polly’s Parlour’ we sold our house to fund it & moved into a caravan! whist renovating a tiny derelict chapel. We now have a real balance working from the end of March to the beginning of October. It was never our intention to employ ~ to be honest we never even thought this far ahead. We love working together just the two of us making just enough in the summer months to see us through the winter months. Just perfect!


vintage-ice-cream-van-hire-wedding-ice-cream-van-hire-wedding-ideas-ice-cream-van-hire-wedding-inspirations-pollys-parlour-pollys-vintage-ice-cream-parlouSo once again a HUGE thank~you to everyone who has supported us over this past year from our customers who buy endless ice creams at shows to the weddings & events teams or those that simply pop by & say hello or wave at us as we drive around in Florence!

THANK~YOU! & here’s to the end of our 5th season! see you all in 2017!


Bye for now Polly & Florence Xx

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